Aws Series Caching

Aws Series Caching

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What can we cache:

  1. External: data that’s going to be returned to our users
  2. Internal: eg, we can speed up our databases, the less we talk to the database, the better.

Caching solutions


Global Caching with CloudFront

  • CDN service, help to reduce latency and provide high transfer speed using AWS edge locations.
  • Https is default
  • Global distribution
  • Can be used to front AWS endpoint along with non-AWS applications
  • Expiring content with TTL configuration



Elastic Cache

  • A managed version of two opensource: memcached and redis
  • And for RDS



  • DynamoDB Accelerator
  • In Memory Cache: ml to nano
  • Live inside VPC
  • You can control size of node, TTL,

IP Caching with Global Accelerators

  • A service that send user’s traffic to the global AWS Infrastructure via accelerators. Anycast IP.

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