Nestjs Cheatsheet Mongoose Examples

Nestjs Cheatsheet Mongoose Examples

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When you need to work with MongoDB and NestJS, the most powerful tool that you should use is “mongoose” - the most popular ORM for MongoDB. In this article, I will show you how to use Mongoose with NestJS.

What is this topic about?

  • Configuration for Mongoose in NestJS
  • Schema, Models, Documents Concepts and Examples
  • CRUD Examples
  • Data seeds
  • Complex Queries: Using native query, aggregate, …
  • Transactions

We can use mongoose and create your own module and integrate with NestJS or use the official package from nestjs @nestjs/mongoose.

Both has pros and cons, in this article, the first part will use the official package from nestjs, the second part we will write own custom module.

Using NestJS Mongoose in your NestJS Project.

Let’s install require packages

npm i @nestjs/mongoose mongoose